How To Create a Passive Income With a Blog

What is a blog?

Challenge yourself: think about a subject, a product, a place in the world, a profession, a sport, a hobby, and try and see if you can find a blog about it.

Or at least a blog where your subject is mentioned.

I promise, you won’t get disappointed!

Have you ever wondered why there are so many blogs on the internet?
Is it just because people love to write? Well, many people actually do.

As I see it, a blog is a great platform where you can be creative, where you can freely express yourself, provide value to others, discuss, dream, mastermind.

And even make money.


How can a blog create an income?

There are a few ways to monetise a blog.

The most obvious one is probably by advertising on it.

The more visitors you have on your blog, the more attractive it becomes for advertisers.

Most ads convert per click, meaning that each time one of your visitors clicks on one banner, you get paid. The amount varies a lot, from a few cents to a few dollars or much more.

One less obvious, but effective way, is by doing affiliate marketing.

An affiliate marketer is someone who endorses a product or service in exchange for a commission.

I do affiliate marketing on our blogs and websites. In that way I get commissions each time one of my visitors makes a purchase through one of my links.


Practical example

MENTORS All-In Package

What’s included:

  • World Class Training Program
  • Live Online Events & Webinars
  • Website Builder, Tools & Plugins
  • Mentors Community Access
  • 30-day money back guarantee

If you click on the link above, you will get to the registration page (you are welcome to try!).

Should you decide to sign-up for this world leading Training Program for Online Entrepreneurs (the very same one that I’ve attended), and should you eventually proceed with a purchase there, I’ll get a commission on it.

As simple as that.

Now, someone might be thinking: “What the heck! Is that a legit way to earn money?”.

The answer is YES, 100%!!

But there’s a drawback.

Andrea muretto

No-one is ever going to buy anything from you, unless they trust you.

And the only way people will trust you, is if they see you believe in what you are offering.

If they see you are genuine about your interest for the products and services you are endorsing.

Most importantly: they want to see you genuinely care about them!

And this is not something you can pretend. Otherwise they’ll see you’re bluffing, they’ll run for the hills and never come back.

Case Study

I would like to show you one hands-on example of affiliate marketing inside a blog.

Check this post in our blog and see what happens when you click on the links embedded in the text.

Can you find more affiliate links across the blog?

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