How to start an online business from scratch: practical guide

In this step-by-step guide I describe the tools and the basics you will need to start your own Online Business from scratch, even if you are a total beginner.


1 – Something to sell

It goes without saying: if you want to generate an income online, you will need products or services to sell.

It can be hard, as a beginner, to find the right products to sell online. Luckily this part is well taken care of by one of the world leading Companies when it comes to Digital Business solutions: The Six Figure Mentors (or SFM).

The SFM is a Digital Training provider that has helped thousands around the world to make their way in the Online Business jungle. Apart from their comprehensive Training Program for:

      • bloggers
      • affiliate marketers
      • influencers
      • e-commerce operators

including webinars, live training and one-on-one support, they offer one of the most generous affiliate programs you will find on internet.

Commissions are simple. They pay:

      • $100 on “All-in Package” Sales
      • $20/mo/subscriber in recurrent payment if you are a member

If you don’t have any own product to sell on the internet, try SFM’s affiliate program, which is free to join and to participate.

Start by signing up for a free series of video workshops and learn the basics to start making profit online.


2 – A website or blog

A functional, well polished and easily accessible digital platform is a must for any online business owner.

Either if you decide to go for blogging, affiliate marketing or e-commerce, you will need an own website where to present products to your audience.

The very first step will be to come up with a name for your webpage.

Your page name should:

      • be unique
      • be easy to remember
      • make an impression
      • reflect the website content (within 1-3 words)

In that way your visitors will be more likely to come back to it many times in the future.

Once you have come up with the right name (or rather a list of possible names, some of which might already be taken) for your website, register your domain name and host it through a hosting provider (or web hotel).

One of the most flexible solutions on the market, specially if you are a beginner or intermediate user, is offered by provides both domain name registering and web hosting, all under the same roof.

Their website building tool is completely graphical and equipped with lots of drag-and-drop functions. Which means you don’t need any coding skills to build your website.

Moreover, their WordPress integration, will allow you to build your web page entirely in WordPress and connect it to with one simple click.


3 – An autoresponder

Creating a mailing list is the key to success if you do affiliate business through e-mail marketing.

A mailing list is a list of e-mail addresses from people that subscribe on your website.

They subscribe because they want to receive information from you:

      • newsletters
      • product offers
      • discounts
      • how-to tips
      • reviews
      • free material etc.

If you do everything right, your list will soon grow to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of email addresses, and you won’t be able to administrate them all manually.

An autoresponder does just that.

It registers new subscribers into your list and sends out e-mails to them. E-mails that you have created once, instead of thousands of times…

The best Autoresponder on the market is without a doubt AWeber.

AWeber is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to cultivate relationships with their customers.

You create your e-mails once and schedule them to be delivered automatically at specific intervals.

And with a drag and drop email-builder you can even add headlines, text, buttons, images or videos into your e-mails.

And if you don’t know what to write, AWeber offers hundreds of pre-compiled free e-mail templates ready to be used.

The best part is: you can get it for free!

For more insights about Autoresponder, check out this post about the Top 3 Autoresponders.



If you want to try Online Business in first person, you can start with these three basic elements:

1 – A product or service to sell: I strongly recommend SFM affiliate program because it’s free to join and pays high commissions.

2 – A website or blog: I recommend, where you can register your domain name and host your website (very competitive prices, interactive building tool, easy integration with WordPress).

3 – An autoresponder: I recommend AWeber (very competitive prices, easy to use, interactive e-mail builder, pre-compiled e-mail templates, free 30-day trial).

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